Private journal with WordPress

Our apps have logs so why shouldn’t we? All you need is a few plugins and 10 minutes to start each day with “Captain’s Log”!

I wanted a place to write my thoughts both on personal matters and on my projects — usually both! Google “write every day” and you’ll find a plethora of articles and lists compelling you to do so, but for now we’ll skip the blurb and go straight to the steps (as I always try to do!)


On a fresh WordPress installation, install and activate the following plugins and theme:

  1. Private Only: prevents non-registered users from accessing the site
  2. Front-end Editor: the Edit button under posts will toggle the editor
  3. Disable Comments: easier than disabling manually for each post
  4. Puro Theme: strikes a nice balance between form and function

You can even install the WordPress mobile app and write anywhere, which leads me to…

As aside on Capsule

Capsule by CrowdFavorite is a great piece of work and while it’s well-suited for a log-style site, it doesn’t play nicely with the WordPress mobile app. I haven’t investigated the issue, all I know is that I can’t login to a site via the Android app with Capsule enabled but I can when it’s disabled. I’m sure someone with more knowledge of Java could make more sense of the app’s log output. CrowdFavorite even say themselves “If you do a lot of coding on your mobile device you’re a different use case than we were building for” which is fair enough, it just makes Capsule unsuitable as a general-purpose log.

I also have mixed feelings towards the developers: while I greatly appreciate the work they have done, I once tried to report an issue with Capsule and they seemed more interested in ending the conversation than finding the cause. Not that I felt they owed me anything (considering it’s free software) it just leaves a strange after-taste when you try to help someone and even offer to do the legwork and be shut-down. I harbour no ill feelings, it’s just not the sort of development culture I’d like to be involved in.

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