Product Manager & Leader

Rich Jenkins
Product Management and Leadership
Product Discovery, Delivery
and UX/UI Excellence

I specialise in digital products and B2B SaaS platforms — I believe they deserve the same up-to-date best practices, strong user experience and relentless customer focus as any other product on the market.

♟️ Strategy & Roadmap
🕵️ Discovery & Research
🔬 Prototyping & Validation
📐 Design & Specification
🎖️ Delivery & Leadership
🚀 Marketing & Launch

Spreadsheet Wizardry 📊
Jira & Atlassian Mastery 🎫
Coding (SQL, JS & PHP) ⌨️
Internal Apps & Tools 📱
Websites & SEO 🚀
UX & UI Design 🎨

As Director of Product at Dacast I delivered a full-platform redesign and managed complex customer migrations.

As Product Lead at Rise.Today I launched a revolutionary on-demand health and fitness app from MVP to BAU.

As Solution Manager at CMO Software I delivered risk management solutions in heavily-regulated organisations.