Title Case – Or, Why Do We Make Titles Unnecessarily Difficult To Read?

SEOs seem to love title case and I can’t quite work out why.

Even I’ve been known to write such titles.


For one, title case is harder to read. Which of the following sentences flows better?

  1. Title Case — Or, Why Do We Make Titles Unnecessarily Difficult To Read?
  2. Title case — or, why do we make titles unnecessarily difficult to read?

Search Engine Optimisation

Think Google really prefers Title Case? Don’t be silly. Should I have evidence before saying search engines prefer/don’t prefer title case? Probably. Will I argue the point anyway? Certainly. They stopped caring about keywords meta half a decade ago and I find it hard to believe that giving your favourite words a capitalised first letter makes one iota of a difference

Proper Nouns

When proper nouns are in the title, such as places or peoples’ names, things get super-confusing — especially when someone’s name is also a thing:

Court Supports Swimming Legislation In Schools

Perhaps you haven’t heard of the famous politician David Swimming. Or the small (fictitious) town of Schools. Or the (made-up) use of the word “Legislation” in the context of wherever the fudge I was going with this ridiculous headline.

Court supports Swimming legislation in Schools

That’s better, Mr Swimming gets the capitalisation he deserves and it’s clear that Schools is a thing and not just a reference to, you know, schools.

How I Read Title Case

All title case does is harm readability and makes it difficult to scan RSS feeds. Ultimately, it gets read like this:

Title. Case. Or. Why. Do. We. Make. Titles. Unnecessarily. Difficult. To. Read?

As if each word is separated by the needless pause of a semi-literate movie gangster.


I will readily admit that this is pedantry at best but I think clear communication is important and costs so little. Just save capitals for proper nouns and the first of sentences eh?


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